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Please define the following terms with examples.

Also can you please tell that the popular cloud services like Apache, Hadoop, AWS EC2 belong to which category and why?

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  • SaaS: SaaS is software as a service. It uses the web to deliver applications. Most of the SaaS applications can be run directly from a web browser without any download. SaaS offers email and collaboration, customer relationship management and healthcare related applications.

Eg: Salesforce, Google Apps, Concur etc.

  • PaaS: PaaS is product as a service. PaaS provides computing platforms such as operating system, database, web-server etc.

Eg: Heroku, Apache Stratosphere, Windows Azure etc.

  • IaaS: IaaS is infrastructure as a service. IaaS are self-service models for accessing, monitoring and managing remote data center infrastructures.

Eg: Google compute engine, Amazon Web services.

  • AWS, EC2, Microsoft Azure and S3 belong to IaaS
  • Hadoop doesn't belong to any. It is a distributed computing platform.

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