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I just download this version Git-2.6.1-64-bit.exe my OS is windows 10 64bit. why I cannot still log in it? is Git-2.6.1-64-bit.exe the latest one? before it was MINWG32 now updated become MINWG64 but still I cannot login..help me solve these issues

I don't have any solution for this instead of use the cmd.exe.... but I need the flow of it...coz some of the commands cannot run in this environment...it's a big difference between a Linux-like environment... please post-procedure/steps in deploying apps in heroku.

IT SAYS: Login is currently incompatible with git bash/cygwin In the meantime, login via cmd.exe https://github.com/heroku/heroku-cli/issues/84

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For this, Login through command prompt then you will able to run Heroku commands on git bash.

or you could do:

Download the latest version and set that to your path then you will be able to login

set PATH=%PATH%;<folder>;<File address>;<bin-address>

After this, you can launch git cmd or git bash.

For more information about the installation of git and common git commands please go through the following link:

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