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I've Googled, everything, and I cannot seem to find a tutorial I can understand. I understand the concept of genetic algorithms, and how to implement them, (Though I haven't tried) but I cannot grasp the concept of neural networks.

I know vaguely how they work... And that's about it. Could someone direct me to a tutorial that could help someone who has not even graduated middle school yet? Sure, I'm several years ahead of the majority of people my grade, but I don't understand summation, (which I need if I don't want a simple binary output) vectors, and other things that I apparently should know.

Is there a simple, bare-bones tutorial for neural networks? After I learn the basics, I'll proceed to more difficult ones. Preferably, they would be in Java.


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A Neural Network is a system planned to operate like a human brain. Human information processing takes place through the communication of many billions of neurons connected sending signals to other neurons.

Likewise, a Neural Network is a network of artificial neurons, as found in human brains, for solving artificial intelligence problems such as image identification. 

Here is a nice blog you can refer for studying ANN:

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