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Can't seem to figure this out. I'm attempting JSON tree manipulation in GSON, but I have a case where I do not know or have a POJO to convert a string into, prior to converting to JsonObject. Is there a way to go directly from a String to JsonObject?

I've tried the following (Scala syntax):

val gson = (new GsonBuilder).create

val a: JsonObject = gson.toJsonTree("""{ "a": "A", "b": true }""").getAsJsonObject

val b: JsonObject = gson.fromJson("""{ "a": "A", "b": true }""", classOf[JsonObject])

but a fails, the JSON is escaped and parsed as a JsonString only, and b returns an empty JsonObject.

Any ideas?

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Try JsonParser; for instance:

JsonParser parser = new JsonParser();

JsonObject o = parser.parse("{\"a\": \"A\"}").getAsJsonObject();

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