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I am working on a project called "association rule discovery from social network data: Introducing Data Mining to the Semantic Web". Can anyone suggest a good source for an algorithm (and its code. I heard that it can be implemented using Perl and R packages) to find association rules from a social network database?

The snapshot of the database can be got in the following link:

The dataset is available on the following link:

I have searched a lot regarding this project but unfortunately can't find something useful as yet. 

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank You,

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I would recommend the statistical platform, R. It is free and open-source, and its package repository contains at least four libraries addressed solely to Association Rules, all with excellent documentation. Three of the four Packages comprise a Manual and a separate Vignette (informal prose document with code examples). Both the Manuals and Vignettes include numerous examples in R code.

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