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Today I skimmed over the Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints. Then I noticed there is a limit for deployments in a resource group of Azure Resource Manager. The default limit, as well as the maximum limit, is 800 deployments per resource group.

Does this mean I can run 800 deployments within the lifetime of a resource group and after I reached this limit this resource group cannot run any deployments? Or is this limit related to concurrent runs of deployments and addresses platform scalability aspects?

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The "Deployments per resource group" specifies the limit of the deployments history. The deployments history can be accessed in the resource group under Settings > Deployments. Deletion of the resources does not remove the deployments from the history, and the other way round - deleting the deployments history does not affect the state of the resources in the resource group. Once the limit of 800 deployments is reached, further deployments will not be possible. Even if you have no resources in the resource group, the deployments history would need to be cleared in order to proceed with the further deployments.

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