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I want to create a link on a webpage that would close the currently active tab in a browser without closing other tabs in the browser. 

When the user clicks the close link, an alert message should appear asking the user to confirm with two buttons, "YES" and "NO". If the user clicks "YES", close that page and If "NO", do nothing.

How can it be done? Any suggestions?

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You must work with Javascript, try using window.close():


Note: The above code is applicable only for the current tab. This is equivalent to:


Otherwise, you can specify a different window.


function close_window() {

  if (confirm("Close Window?")) {




For HTML, try using the code given below:

<a href="javascript:close_window();">close</a>

Or else, you can use the code given below:

<a href="#" onclick="close_window();return false;">close</a>

You can return false here to prevent the default behavior for the event.

Otherwise, the browser will attempt to go to that URL.

Now, the options on the window.confirm() dialog box will be OK and Cancel (not Yes and No). 

If you want Yes and No you'll need to create some kind of modal Javascript dialog box.

Note: There are browser-specific differences with the above. 

If you opened the window with Javascript (via then you are allowed to close the window with javascript. Firefox won't allow you from closing other windows. I believe IE will ask the user for confirmation. Other browsers may vary.

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