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I have a basic controller that displays my products,



$scope.products = data; 



In my view I'm displaying this products in a list


<li ng-repeat="product as products"> 




What I'm trying to do is when someone clicks on the product name, I have another view named cart where this product is added.

<ul class="cart"> 

<li> //click one added here </li> 

<li> //click two added here </li> 


So my question here is, how do pass this clicked products from the first controller to the second? I assumed that cart should be a controller too.

I handle click event using directive. Also, I feel I should be using service to achieve above functionality just can't figure how? because cart will be a predefined number of products added could be 5/10 depending on which page the user is. So I would like to keep this generic.

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For passing data between controllers in AngularJS you can define your product service as follows:-

app.factory('productService', function() { 

var productList = []; 

var addProduct = function(newObj) { 



var getProducts = function(){ 

return productList; 


return { 

addProduct: addProduct, 

getProducts: getProducts 



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