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What's the AngularJS way to access cookies? I've seen references to both a service and a module for cookies, but no examples.

Is there, or is there not an AngularJS canonical approach?

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If you want to access cookies in AngularJS then you can set and get cookie values. 

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Note you should use $cookieStore instead of $cookies.

<!DOCTYPE html> 

<html ng-app="myApp"> 


<script src="">


<script src=""></script>


angular.module('myApp', ['ngCookies']); 

function CookieCtrl($scope, $cookieStore) { 

$scope.lastVal = $cookieStore.get('tab'); 

$scope.changeTab = function(tabName){ 

$scope.lastVal = tabName; 

$cookieStore.put('tab', tabName); 




<body ng-controller="CookieCtrl"> </body> 


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