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Feel free to recommend a better title or changes to my explanation below!

I am using Windows Azure Websites (for the first time) and have connected it to a solution in Visual Studio Online (also my first time). I was also able to connect to Visual Studio Online, create a project, throw up a master page and web form connected to a master page and my Azure website updated itself. Great!

Issue that I am facing:

If I add another project to the solution it seems that this new project overwrites the files in the first one. I can't figure out how to set this up so:

Project 1 -> deploy to wwwroot (happens by default great!)

Project 2 -> deploy to wwwroot/sub/directory/ (doesn't seem to work)

Could somebody explain how to configure project 2 so that when the solution auto-deploys to an Azure Website that it goes to a specific location?

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In Azure Portal, check for Configure Tab

Scroll to the bottom and add an application wherever you want to, as shown below:


Now, download a publishing folder and start importing it in your Visual Studio, after this, add the application name just after your site name as shown below. Make sure you don't forget to update the destination URL:


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