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I have a setup in Azure with a bunch of resources combined in a resource group. I want my services to be located in west-europe, so all my resources are there (where possible)

I just noticed that when creating the resource group, i accidentally used West US.

So the current setup is:

Resource Group 1 (West US)

  • App Service 1 (West Europe)
  • App Service 2 (West Europe)
  • SQL Server (West Europe)
  • Storage account (West Europe)
  • ... (West Europe)

Can I change the location of the resource group without having to create a new one and migrate everything?

And maybe more importantly: Should I change the location or does it not impact anything?

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No, you cannot change the location of your resource group. It does not matter where did you create your resource group as it is just a logical container, which consists of many resources.

The resources inside the resource group are not supposed to be in the same region that of your resource group.

They could be in any of the region wherever the resources are supported.

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