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I tried mongo replica sets for the first time.

I am using ubuntu on ec2 and I booted up three instances. I used the private IP address of each of the instances. I picked on as the primary and below is the code.

mongo --host Private IP Address 


rs.add(“Private IP Address”) 

rs.addArb(“Private IP Address”)

All at this point is fine. When I go to the site I see that I have a primary, secondary, and arbitrary.

Ok, now for a test.

On the primary create a database in this is the code:

use tt { a : 123 } )

on the secondary, I then do this and get the below error: 

error: { "$err" : "not master and slaveOk=false", "code" : 13435 }

I am very new to MongoDB and replicates but I thought that if I do something in one, it goes to the other. So, if I add a record in one, what do I have to do to replicate across machines?

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Mongo shell has to know that you are allowing read operations from secondaries, this means you have to set “slave okay”. Do this:


So, you only need to do this when you query secondaries and need to be used only once per session. After this, you can normally query secondaries.

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