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I am trying to set up AA for use with chrome on a clients vm. AA client is up and running. When i first launched chrome everything was fine. After i installed the AA chrome extension launching is not done correctly anymore: the url misses ":" e.g "" would become "https//" resulting in connection errors.

Background/Additional Information:

aa extension:

  1. was installed directly in browser in developer mode
  2. unable to install it via the aa plugin settings for unknown reasons - also thankful for help on this problem
  3. problem did NOT exist prior to extension installation
  4. problem persists after extension removal
  5. problem persists after un- and reinstallation of chrome


  1. vm with dedicated user-vmMachine-mapping

  2. only intranet urls accessible

AA version 11.3.2

Any advise how to resolve this issue?

Thankful for any input.

1 Answer

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This issue has been resolved in the update version , update to this version your problem will be solved.

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