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I am trying to extract data from below URL using UIPath

My requirement is to generate 5 Datatables in UiPath each one for global, Americas,.. etc from above link.

Here I am using Data scraping for 5 times to extract global, Americas,.. etc data to 5 different Data tables in UIPath.

Is there any easiest way to achieve this task, like doing Datascraping one time and generating 5 Datatables?

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Using 5 different tables is okay but using the scraping wizard 5 times  will generate a lot of overhead making the process slower. There’s no requirement of having sequence inside a sequence and attaching the browser multiple times, it seems redundant to me what I’d do is create a simple open browser activity, then use scraping wizard five times, and finally we’ll move the ‘Extract Data ‘ activity into the first ‘Do’ sequence 

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I am attaching screenshots for your reference.



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