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I'm new to UiPath; however, by referring a online tutorial I was able to read the whole outlook email and forward this to other email ID.

Now my job is to, parse the test from the raw outlook email content and put the required text in the specific fields in a SharePoint site [site has text box already designed] and save this. Means, if a particular subject line (that contains string "Critical") is read from email should go to particular pre-defined text-box in the SharePoint. Hope my question is understood. How can I do this using UiPath or any other RPA tool? and tutorial or link would help.

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To parse the subject line you can use the ‘string.contains’ method. After that, you can use control structures and work accordingly also its good practice to convert the subject to lowercase so that you don’t miss a match due to text formations. 

Looking for UIpath material from basics! Refer to this video on UIpath provided by Intellipaat:

Here is a screenshot for your reference:


Now to address the SharePoint, you can either use the custom activities from the SharePoint Package or you can simply work with web-automation and activities like ‘set text’ to populate parts of the page.

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