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How to parse/read a YAML file into a Python object?

For example, this YAML:


  name: XYZ

To this Python class:

class Person(yaml.YAMLObject):
yaml_tag = 'Person' 

def __init__(self, name): = name

I am using PyYAML by the way.

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If you want to parse/read a YAML file into a Python project and if your YAML file looks like this:



      name: Node 1 

      name: Node 1-1 


name: Node 2 


name: Node 2-1

In that case, you will have to install PyYAML like as follows:-

pip install PyYAML

And the Python code looks like this:

import yaml 

with open('tree.yaml') as f: 

dataMap = yaml.safe_load(f)

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