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A new software developer insisted to use Kubernetes for a backend project where no developers in the company have experience in Docker and Kubernetes, as the CTO, what should I do?

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As the CTO, you have to ask your developer below-mentioned questions:-

  1. Do we need a DevOps?

  2. Does the organization truly need Microservices and DevOps pipeline for applications that have 3 or 4 releases in a year?

  3. What is the plan to control the DevOps tools growth in my organization?

  4. What is the Governance model to manage the CI/CD pipeline?

  5. Will the Enterprise Architecture Governance work for DevOps?

  6. Look that is your organization require ‘Speed to Market’ of applications? If not, why do I need DevOps?

  7. Does the geographical area have enough skill sets and resources to support DevOps tools?

  8. Does the organization policy allow freelancers to come in to support the DevOps systems when need arises?

  9. Do I have enough budget to hire, manage and retain expensive DevOps resources?

  10. Do I have enough budget and resources to rewrite some of the existing Monolithic applications into Microservices?

  11. How do I educate the stakeholders and convince them to modify the existing applications into Microservices?

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