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What are the pros and cons of MEAN javascript stack vs LAMP stack?

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MEAN Stack is a technology stack that consists of technologies that are built on JavaScript, like: MongoDB, Angular, ExpresJS, NodeJS. 


- MEAN Stack is comprised of technologies that are written in JavaScript. So a developer can learn JavaScript and can work on both front-end and back-end.

- MEAN Stack is very easy to learn as JavaScript is quite an easy language pickup and use.

- MEAN Stack is very stable because all the technologies in the stack have been around for quite a while and are being developed consistently.

- MEAN Stack has a large community of developers, so if you ever run into a problem you can ask a question and can get a response.


- Since JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, it can lead to bugs in software if not handled carefully. Although there are languages like TypeScript which provide type safety with JavaScript and are transpiled into JavaScript many developers will by default use JavaScript.

- Many developers have found security bugs in the technologies of MEAN stack, although these have been fixed, it is still a concern from a security standpoint.

You can read this blog that explains what MEAN stack is.

You can get started with MEAN stack by learning individual technologies, like: 

If you wish to learn MongoDB you can do this end to end certification course on MongoDB.

Also you can learn Angular by doing this Angular course.

LAMP Stack is web technology stack which consists of technologies to build web applications, such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP


- PHP is very easy to get started with.

- LAMP Stack is very cheap and easy to deploy.

- LAMP Stack has been around for quite a while, so there is a large community of developers.

- LAMP Stack is a mature stack as it has been around for a long time and developers have made continuous improvements to it.


- It's difficult to process long running tasks in LAMP stack, because PHP is a single threaded language, highly intensive tasks lead to blocking of the main thread.

- LAMP stack is quite old stack and is starting to get outdated.

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