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I want to implement Kubernetes, but don't know where to start. Are there any companies that offer Kubernetes consulting?

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If you are not getting how to implement Kubernetes in that case I would suggest you to learn a bit more about Kubernetes so that you have a better understanding of the tool before deciding that it is the answer to whatever system you are thinking of putting in place. Plus it will help you better work with a consultant to define a system that really meets your needs. I like k8s just fine because it really is an amazing tool, supported by a vibrant community- and we have developed production systems that use Kubernetes. I do need to point out that there are a number of other interesting container management solutions such as Rancher, Docker Swarm, ContainerX, Mesos/Marathon among others- that may be a better fit for what you are trying to achieve. Here is the Kubernetes training course which you should take up in order to learn it better with a valuable certificate. If you like to read things then you must read the following DevOps tutorial which  covers all the things about Kubernetes.Here is the link of the video tutorial which I referred to write all these things that you must visit.


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