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What is better for testing a web application: Protractor or Selenium?

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For testing purposes, automation testing plays a vital role. So, before starting automation of an application, analyze its requirements, language, the best tool for that app etc. 

You can understand the basic features of Protractor and Selenium by reading the below-mentioned things about both:-

Talking about protractor, it is basically used for AngularJS applications. AngularJS applications are Web Applications which uses extended HTML's syntax to express web application components. If a person has good knowledge of JavaScript and application front end is purely angular than protractor should be preferred.

On the other hand, Selenium is one of the best automation tools used for testing web applications either it is Angular or non-Angular. Selenium is a core framework for many automation tools, Protractor is one of them. If an application has mixed front end environment i.e not purely Angular, then selenium is preferred for performing test automation services. It supports multiple languages (Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl and JavaScript).  If you want to make your career in the testing field you must take up the following selenium automation certificationHere is a video tutorial you must watch the following Selenium video tutorial to clear all your basics about it.


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