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What is a Docker Hub?

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Docker hub is a repository on the cloud for all your docker images. It is just like GitHub for code. You can containerize your environment and build images with the help of Docker, you can push the docker images to docker hub. Apart from the saving and shipping containers, Docker Hub helps when you are creating an automated environment where changes made by a developer can be automatically built, tested and pushed. You can build a new image or build an image of a running container anytime and ship it and can pull it the same way. Now there are a lot more features provided by Docker Hub to enhance automation. IF you want to learn Docker then I will suggest you must take up the following Docker Training Course which will help you learn Docker properly and also you will get one of the most valuable certificates available in the industry which will help you grab a job at the best place. For your reference, I am also mentioning a video tutorial which you must watch to learn more about it.

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