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What exactly is Docker, and when is it useful?

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Docker, an open-source software, which provides a way of packaging up an application and all of its dependencies, which also includes those at the operating system level, into a container. Thus, it acts as a lightweight kind of virtual machine.

Below are some situations where Docker can be useful:-

  • Docker can be started more quickly, so you can use it to deploy your applications faster.

  • More instances of Docker can be run at the on one machine.

  • Docker is a modern container which is based ones all follow the immutable servers principle, hence a running instance is much easier to replace if it goes bad; this makes fault tolerance easier to implement. 

  • There is the same reason, as well as the fact that they are quicker to start up, they are much easier to scale.

If you want to learn Docker then you must take up the following Docker Training Course. You can also watch the below-mentioned Docker video tutorial to learn more about it.

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