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Is Tableau training good for the data visualization field?

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Tableau actually processes the entire visual field at once and so when you put data in a visual form in front of people they can see outliers, trends in rich ways. This means when they are working with information questions, they can do it at the speed of thought rather than having to write queries in a database. Tableau has basically replaced all of the data gathering time and data cleaning time with just insight.

Basically, the secret of tableau is that they provide a very simple drag and drop interface that allows them to put graphical views in front of their eyes very quickly and explore the data that way. So it is not that it is visual but it is very easy to use the interface. Tableau will use the knowledge about best practices to generate views for them. That will help them to explore the data and to understand it

I had gone through various tutorials, videos, blogs, etc. After going through these resources, finally, I have found the best platform, which is Intellipaat. Even a beginner can learn Tableau in an easy manner by checking out the insightful videos and tutorials provided by this e-learning institute.

Tableau: It is one of the fastest-growing data visualization tools that is currently being used in the BI industry. It is the best way to change or transform the raw sets of data into an easily understandable format with zero technical skills and coding knowledge. To get started with Tableau, here is a video from Intellipaat that might be helpful to you:


  • Speed: One of the top strengths of Tableau is its speed through which it evaluates millions of rows and provides the necessary responses at required moments.
  • Ease of use: It is very simple to use. One can begin with Tableau even with no earlier programming experience. With just the fundamental MS Excel skills, an individual can simply learn Tableau.
  • Beautiful and interactive dashboard: The dashboard of Tableau is very interactive and provides dynamic outcomes. Rich visualizations can be produced very easily. Its graphics and charts are smart and beautiful. Moreover, images, web pages, and documents can be hooked on to the dashboard for simple storytelling.
  • Direct connection: Tableau permits users to directly hook up with databases, cubes, data warehouses, etc. In Tableau, data access is so simple, requiring no advanced setup, and the data is live and gets updated on its own. Users can extract data through Hadoop to generate a great mashup and get preferred outcomes in no time. This is an easy ad-hoc business analytics.
  • Easy publishing and sharing: After examining the data, the outcomes can be shared live with a small number of clicks. The dashboard is issued to share them live on the web and mobile devices.
  • Growing market: Although Tableau is somewhat fresh in the BI marketplace, its market share is increasing day by day. It is being deployed in almost all industries, from transportation to healthcare. It has a huge user base, which consists of big companies that utilize Tableau on a daily basis to satisfy their Business Intelligence necessities.

Go through this informative blog for a more detailed understanding of Tableau: Introduction Submitof Tableau - Tableau Tutorial | or get certified in this field to make your career. Enroll in Tableau Certification now.

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