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What is the job market trend market for Tableau developers in India?

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The job market for a Tableau developer is great in India, see the points mentioned below what you can get as a Tableau developer in India:- 

  1. Attractive salaries: The best part of being a Tableau developer is that you will get paid the best salaries in the industry. The average salary could be between 12L too15L.

  2. Several job profiles: There are several job profiles that are offered as a Tableau professional, you could choose any of these job roles, which include Tableau Consultant, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, Business Intelligence Manager, Business Intelligence Analyst, and so on.

If you also want to learn Tableau and make your career in it then I would suggest you must take up the following Tableau online course. You can also watch the following video tutorial to learn all the basics of Tableau in less time.


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