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 Is Tableau a hot skill now?

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I would say, yes, Tableau is one of the most in-demand skill now, the reason is very simple, that is Tableau is used extensively in the field of Data Science. And you must be knowing that Data Science is the hottest technology of this decade. So, if you have the knowledge of Tableau then you are going to do well in the IT industry, especially in the field of Data Science. On average, an entry-level Tableau developer can earn something around 500k to 900k per anum, which is a good amount to start your career. If you have some knowledge of R programming and some other Data Science tool than you can even earn 12L to 15L also. If you want to make your career in Tableau then I would suggest you must take up the following Tableau Training Course. You can also watch the below-mentioned Tableau video tutorial to learn Tableau in less time.

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