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What is the best way to learn Django?

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I think the best way to learn Django is to start with the basics, such as learning the Python programming language first. This is because Python is used to write codes in Django. Some topics you should definitely learn in Python are Lists, Tuples, Maps, Dictionaries, and OOPs concept. Once you are well versed with Python, you can now familiarize yourself with basic front-end technologies such as HTML and CSS when testing Django applications. Once you have learned all the basic concepts, you can start learning database concepts. So, I suggest learning SQL. Why?  An application has 3 parts: the front end, back end, and the database. Once you are done with the front-end and back-end (which includes database as well), you can start learning Django. The best possible way to do this is to enroll yourself in a definitive Django Training Course. During the training, you will solve a lot of quizzes and execute many projects that will establish your Django skills. Watch the below video tutorial by Intellipaat to learn more about Django:

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