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Which is the best institute for learning Unix and Linux? What are the major differences between Unix and Linux?

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Intellipaat’s two of the best courses are Unix Certification Training and  Linux Master Program. These courses can help you master the vital concepts of the UNIX shell scripting and system administration. In addition, these courses are designed by the Industry’s leading technocrats and can give you practical exposure to solving real-world business problems via real-time projects. Further, a few of the added benefits of this course include:

·         Job assistance, including resume preparation, mock interview sessions, and more

·         Free course upgrades and lifetime access to the course materials

·         Online mentoring and graded assessments

·         24/7 technical support

A beginner will find it extremely confusing while trying to figure out the differences between the Unix and Linux operating systems. To iron out the confusion, here’s a list of differences between Unix and Linux operating systems:

·         Linux OS sits on top of a kernel, while Unix is a complete OS

·         Linux OS is an open-source OS, on the other hand, Unix is a proprietary OS

·         Linux OS is an offshoot of the Unix OS and utilizes every feature of the Unix OS for its functioning

Besides, Our blog contains exhaustive information about both Linux and Unix.

Also watch our below Unix vs Linux video to understand everything about the Unix ecosystem.

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