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How can I become a successful Machine Learning Engineer?

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In order to become a successful Machine Learning Engineer, you need to attain proficiency in Mathematics as well as complex Machine Learning algorithms. The below-mentioned list contains the topics that you should master to become a successful Machine Learning Engineer.

  •    Introduction to Machine Learning using Python
  •       Understanding supervised learning and unsupervised learning
  •       Learning Logistic Regression and classification
  •       Learning how to use decision trees and random forests
  •       Understanding the Naïve Bayes algorithm and SVM
  •       Introduction to unsupervised learning
  •       NLP and text mixing mastering deep learning and Time Analysis series

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Besides, reading our comprehensive blog on Machine Learning Tutorial which would help you to widen your knowledge of Machine Learning concepts.

Also, Watching our below tutorial can help you revisit the basics topics of Machine Learning.

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