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What is the roadmap to becoming a Web developer?

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Web development is a constantly evolving field ---- the way we code the web applications today is totally different from how we used to do it a few years ago.  With the plethora of programming languages available in the market and the new ones springing up every day, most of the web developers find themselves in a state of confusion about which language or framework to use.  So, to iron out all your confusions, here’s a list of all the skills that you’ll need to become a web developer :

• Learn Html and CSS to design the layout of a website

• Master Php and Mysql to build the backend of the website

• Make the website interactive and user-friendly with Jquery and Ajax

Building a highly interactive website would require to have strong programming and designing skills. So, if you aspire to design websites and become a successful web developer, then you must enroll in the best PHP and MySQL Training

Also, don't forget to check out the below video tutorial.

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