PHP and MySQL Training

Our PHP and MySQL masters’ program lets you gain proficiency in PHP language and MySQL database management system. You will work on real-world projects related to PHP functions, data types, script syntax, web interface, MySQL client and server concepts and database objects.

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Key Features

  • Instructor Led Training : 16 Hrs
  • Self-paced Videos : 16 Hrs
  • Exercises & Project Work : 32 Hrs
  • Get Certified & Job Assistance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Lifetime free upgrade
  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support & Access

About PHP and MySQL Training Course

This is a training course that includes in-depth understanding of PHP and MySQL in order to create websites and apps that match the exacting standards of today’s business enterprises. You will learn how to seamlessly work between the web interface and the back-end and connect them for stellar results. You will also learn advanced PHP concepts and MySQL databases.

What will you learn in this training course?

  1. PHP and MySQL installation and configuration
  2. Using logical expression and loops for coding
  3. Deploying PHP in-built functions and writing custom functions
  4. Designing dynamic web page content
  5. Working with forms and deploying cookies for storing data
  6. Connecting MySQL with PHP
  7. Fundamentals of CRUD
  8. Developing and editing database records
  9. MySQL for Developers and Database Administrators
  10. Advanced Stored Procedures in MySQL

Who should take up this training course?

  • UI Designers and HTML and Java Developers
  • Database Developers and Administrators

What are the prerequisites for taking up this training course?

Anybody can take up this training course without having any prior skill sets.

Why should you take up this training course?

PHP is a very versatile web development language that is used to build dynamic web pages by deploying server-side scripting. It offers multiple benefits like advanced features and easy to use and open source nature. MySQL is a database solution that is extremely powerful, secure and scalable making it ideal for using with sophisticated websites. This training course lets you master both PHP and MySQL providing you ample opportunities for taking up high-paying jobs.

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PHP and MySQL Course Content

PHP Course Content

PHP Introduction

Introduction to PHP, installation of PHP, understanding the concepts, learning about the various data types, script syntax and variable declaration, working with operators, constants, loop types and decision-making statements.

Hands-on Exercise – Install PHP development environment, Create basic php hello world program, write a program with for loop, use if statement, create variables and assign values, use constants

PHP Functions

The various functions in PHP including the in-built and user-defined ones, learning about the Regular Expressions, File Inclusion, working with Quantifiers, Modifiers, learning to deploy various Regular Expressions in PHP like preg_filter, preg_match, preg_split, understanding Escape Sequences.

Hands-on Exercise – Write a regex to search a string pattern, Use quantifiers ($, { }, ?, * etc), Use modifiers and grouping, Deploy various Regular Expressions in PHP like preg_filter, preg_match, preg_split, Use escape sequences.

OOP Concepts

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, learning about the various functions, variables, classes and objects, deploying Function overriding, core OOP concepts – polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, and abstraction, working with access modifiers, scope resolution operator, constructors and destructors

Hands-on Exercise – Create a class with member functions and variables, Write constructor and destructor functions, Instantiate an object of the class, Implement function overriding, Use access modifier, Use scope resolution operator to static members of a class

MVC Architecture CakePHP

Understanding the basics of Model-View-Controller Architecture, its significance and deployment, introduction to CakePHP – open source rapid development framework for PHP, understanding the CakePHP conventions, folder structures and important concepts.

Deep dive into CakePHP

The MVC layers in CakePHP, understanding the flow of data between the View and Controller Layers, deploying CakePHP helpers – HTML, cookies, sessions, forms, learning to design layouts, map URLs, and creation of controller.

Hands-on Exercise – Deploy CakePHP helpers – HTML, cookies, sessions, forms, Design a layout, Map URLs, Create a controller

CakePHP Dynamic Forms Creation

Creation of basic HTML form, deploying CakePHP helpers to come up with various components of forms like radio buttons, input boxes, dropdown link, form validation using data validation rules, understanding creation, retrieval and deletion of sessions variables, cookies and file handling, deploying global variables.

Hands-on Exercise – Create a basic HTML form, Deploy CakePHP helpers to come up with various components of forms like radio buttons, input boxes, dropdown link, Validate a form using data validation rules, Create, retrievel and delete sessions variables, Create cookies, Deploy global variable

MYSQL Course Content

Introduction to MySQL

Understanding MySQL open source database, the client and server concepts, working with database objects.

Working with MySQL

Understanding MySQL, open source database capabilities, MySQL administration, data types, tables and queries, installation of MySQL.

Hands-on Exercise – Install MySQL, Configure MySQL to create users and roles to interact with database

Data Manipulation & Advance Queries

Understanding how MySQL can be deployed for data manipulation and coming up with advanced queries, learning to deploy MySQL Constraints, MySQL ALTER TABLE Command,working with MySQL IN Operator, MySQL Sorting, MySQL Joins, understanding MySQL Sequences, MySQL Injections.

Hands-on Exercise – Deploy MySQL Constraints, Use MySQL ALTER TABLE Command to change a table’s structure, Use MySQL IN Operator, MySQL Sorting, MySQL Joins, Use MySQL Injections and Sequences

SQL Data Manipulation

Deploying SQL for data manipulation, searching, adding, removing, modifying and deleting data, querying recurring data.

Hands-on Exercise – Deploy SQL for searching, adding, removing, modifying and deleting data, Query for recurring data

Advanced Data Manipulation

Working with advanced concepts of joining tables, grouping and aggregating functions and expressions.

Hands-on Exercise – Join tables, Use group functions, Use Aggregate functions and expressions

SQL Transactions

Sequence or unit of work done in logical manner, understanding the concepts of Transactions, studying the ACID properties of Transactions.

Hands-on Exercise – Perform a Transaction to perform multiple insert operations using php code, Commit the transaction if it is successful else rollback and end the transaction

SQL Import and Export

Working with data to move it from source to destination, creation of destination database, file and table using SQL Import/Export.

Hands-on Exercise – Create destination database, file and table using SQL Import/Export

CakePHP Database Interaction

CakePHP database access layers, keeping connection with database, building queries, working with data schemas, deploying Find, Update and Save for working with Table data, understanding database.phpconfig to work with databases.

Hands-on Exercise – Connect with a mysql database using CakePHP, Create a data schema, Deploy Find, Update and Save for working with Table data, Manipulate database.phpconfig for different effects on database operations using php

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PHP and MySQL Projects

What projects I will be working on this PHP and MySQL training?

Project :  MVC & CakePHP to develop a website

Project 1: The main aim of this project is to create an HTML Registration Form using CakePHP helpers. Perform data posting and finally send an email

Project 2: Develop a website using CakePHP helpers that will cover details about Institutions, Courses available and Student Information using

Creating the website layout, Perform functions Add/View/Edit/Delete on Institute details, Perform functions Add/View/Edit/Delete on Course details, Perform functions Add/View/Edit/Delete on Student information.

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Sample PHP Video Tutorials

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PHP and MySQL Certification

This entire course content is in line with the requirements of clearing the Zend PHP Certification and MySQL Certified Developer exams. At the end of the course, there will be a quiz and project assignments. Once you complete them, you will be awarded with Intellipaat Course Completion Certificate. Become highly in demand with Intellipaat certifications!

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PHP and MySQL Review

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  1. Profile photo of Aamod Pathak Aamod Pathak 

    Good work

    I'm thankful to Intellipaat for providing these kinds of courses. Very nice course content that is useful and informative. I love the way you provide everything right and up to the mark covering all topics that makes people feel better.

  2. Profile photo of Harish Solanki Harish Solanki 

    A good training provider

    I am feeling very satisfied with this course and thanks to each member involved with it. Videos are nice. The trainer is very good. Contents are up to date. What should I say? A good training provider altogether. Thanks a lot.

  3. Profile photo of Paras Jain Paras J 

    Thanks a lot, Intellipaat

    Thank you for the course. I have heard a lot about Intellipaat and wanted a basic understanding. The lectures were clear and easy to follow...!

  4. Profile photo of Kokila Kokila 

    Really interesting course!

    This course is very nice and interesting as I go through it. Before enrolling in it, I was nervous because I did not have enough knowledge, but now I can say that I know more than a beginner... Wonderful job. Thanks, Intellipaat, for building my career.

  5. Profile photo of Riteek Jain Riteek Jain 

    Superb course

    Great course... Looking forward to more... Very good tutorial series for both beginners and professionals ... amazing guys. Thanks Intellipaat :)

  6. Profile photo of sunil29jaiswal Sunil Jaiswal 

    Very Helpful Video Tutorials with Hands On Practices

    I found the videos to be very helpful in getting to know complete website part from designing, development with handling database. It is a great introduction to everything. Thanks to everyone involved with putting this together I am looking forward to the other courses you are offering.

Frequently Asked Questions on PHP and MySQL

Why should I learn PHP and MySQL from Intellipaat?

This Intellipaat PHP and MySQL training will give you hands-on experience in working with the tool, along with MySQL. You will gain mastery in designing a great web interface using PHP advanced concepts and then connect it to the backend using MySQL database. This entire course content is in line with the requirements of clearing the Zend PHP Certification and MySQL Certified Developer exams.

You will be working on real-time PHP and MySQL projects and step-by-step assignments that have high relevance in the corporate world, and the course curriculum is designed by industry experts. Upon the completion of the training course, you can apply for some of the best jobs in top MNCs around the world at top salaries. Intellipaat offers lifetime access to videos, course materials, 24/7 support and course material upgrading to the latest version at no extra fee. Hence, it is clearly a one-time investment.

What are the different modes of training that Intellipaat provides?
At Intellipaat you can enroll either for the instructor-led online training or self-paced training. Apart from this Intellipaat also offers corporate training for organizations to upskill their workforce. All trainers at Intellipaat have 12+ years of relevant industry experience and they have been actively working as consultants in the same domain making them subject matter experts. Go through the sample videos to check the quality of the trainers.
Can I request for a support session if I need to better understand the topics?
Intellipaat is offering the 24/7 query resolution and you can raise a ticket with the dedicated support team anytime. You can avail the email support for all your queries. In the event of your query not getting resolved through email we can also arrange one-to-one sessions with the trainers. You would be glad to know that you can contact Intellipaat support even after completion of the training. We also do not put a limit on the number of tickets you can raise when it comes to query resolution and doubt clearance.
Can you explain the benefits of the Intellipaat self-paced training?
Intellipaat offers the self-paced training to those who want to learn at their own pace. This training also affords you the benefit of query resolution through email, one-on-one sessions with trainers, round the clock support and access to the learning modules or LMS for lifetime. Also you get the latest version of the course material at no added cost. The Intellipaat self-paced training is 75% lesser priced compared to the online instructor-led training. If you face any problems while learning we can always arrange a virtual live class with the trainers as well.
What kind of projects are included as part of the training?
Intellipaat is offering you the most updated, relevant and high value real-world projects as part of the training program. This way you can implement the learning that you have acquired in a real-world industry setup. All training comes with multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills, learning and practical knowledge thus making you completely industry-ready. You will work on highly exciting projects in the domains of high technology, ecommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc. Upon successful completion of the projects your skills will be considered equal to six months of rigorous industry experience.
Does Intellipaat offer job assistance?
Intellipaat actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the training. For this we are exclusively tied-up with over 80 top MNCs from around the world. This way you can be placed in outstanding organizations like Sony, Ericsson, TCS, Mu Sigma, Standard Chartered, Cognizant, Cisco, among other equally great enterprises. We also help you with the job interview and résumé preparation part as well.
Is it possible to switch from self-paced training to instructor-led training?
You can definitely make the switch from self-paced to online instructor-led training by simply paying the extra amount and joining the next batch of the training which shall be notified to you specifically.
How are Intellipaat verified certificates awarded?
Once you complete the Intellipaat training program along with all the real-world projects, quizzes and assignments and upon scoring at least 60% marks in the qualifying exam; you will be awarded the Intellipaat verified certification. This certificate is very well recognized in Intellipaat affiliate organizations which include over 80 top MNCs from around the world which are also part of the Fortune 500 list of companies.
Will The Job Assistance Program Guarantee Me A Job?
In our Job Assistance program we will be helping you land in your dream job by sharing your resume to potential recruiters and assisting you with resume building, preparing you for interview questions. Intellipaat training should not be regarded either as a job placement service or as a guarantee for employment as the entire employment process will take part between the learner and the recruiter companies directly and the final selection is always dependent on the recruiter.
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