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What is Customer Resource Management and Salesforce? Where can I get the best Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training?

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Customer Resource Management (CRM) is a popular technology that is used in order to manage all the interactions and relationships of the company with its customers as well as potential customers. Its main aim is to improve business relations. This technology helps organizations to stay in touch with their customers, streamline the various processes and hence, improve the profitability of the company.

Salesforce is an integrated CRM tool that handles all relationships between the business and the customers by focusing on the process of sales, marketing, as well as support. It allows the employees of various departments of the organization like sales to track information about their customers and provide a better experience.

Intellipaat provides the best Salesforce Platform Developer Training with lifetime access to the course material and other benefits including:

  • Real-world exercises and projects
  • 24 x 7 online assistance
  • Course completion certificate
  • Job assistance, including mock interview sessions, resume creation, etc.

You should also, watch this video tutorial on Salesforce:

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