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i have a table where contains a row of a campaign, objective, and diverse costs by objective and according to the objective (traffic, reach, downloads, leads, etc) i need to generate this cost per objective (cpc,cpm, cpl,cpd), Example.

  •                               OBJECTIVE              CPC              CPM         CPL
  • campaig n1                traffic                      $1.15
  • campaig n2                reach                                          $3.43

So i tried to use a calculated field for each objective using conditional IF, but it generates an error due to i used IF and aggregated functions, this is my calculated field.

IF CONTAINS ([objetive], "traffic")

THEN sum[spend]/ sum[clics]  



How can i do this, without a error??

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In most cases, tableau cannot mix row-level calculations and aggregated level calculations and if a single character is an aggregate all the fields must be aggregate same applies with IF condition as well

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