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Why is Power BI used? Where can I learn Power BI?

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Power BI is an efficient BI tool that is used to store and convert data in order to obtain valuable information. It is mainly used to connect various data sources and convert them into reports which helps you to make improved decisions regarding the business. Some of the most important reasons, why organizations use Power BI, are as follows:

  • To make quick informed decisions
  • To connect, and explore data with visual representation in the form of reports
  • To publish and share insights with the organization
  • To connect to your data from anywhere
  • To take necessary business actions based on the insights

You can learn BI by enrolling for Intellipaat’s Power BI Training. During this course, you will learn in-depth about the working of Power BI and become a proficient Power BI developer.

You can also, check out this comprehensive Power BI tutorial video:

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