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I need to copy my Mongo database along with its data. I have tried

db.copyDatabase( "Old_db", "new_db", "localhost" )

But the problem is it only copies a blank db, not with the previous data.

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For your kind information, copyDatabase is now deprecated so now you can use mongodump and mongorestore. Say, for instance, you want to copy the ‘data1’ database from a local instance to ‘data2’ database on the same instance, so for that, you can write the following code:

mongodump --archive="mongodump-data1-db" --db=test

The above code will dump the ‘data1’ database to an archive mongodump-data1-db.

Then you will use mongorestore to restore from the archived database with the help of --nsFrom and --nsTo functions:

mongorestore --archive="mongodump-data1-db" --nsFrom='data1.*' --nsTo='data2.*'

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