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What features are available in Selenium IDE to debug an automated test case?

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In Selenium IDE, IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It is an automation testing tool in Selenium. It does not require any programming concepts to write test scripts instead you can record your browser interactions and create necessary test cases. If you want to run the test again then you can also use the playback option. It also helps to debug automated test cases. The features that are available in Selenium IDE in order to debug an automated test case include:

  • Speed Control: This feature helps to control the speed of the test cases
  • Run All: This feature allows you to execute the whole Test Suite
  • Run: It helps to run the selected test
  • Pause/Resume: It allows you to either pause or resumes any test case
  • Step: This feature helps you to step into every command available in the test script
  • Rollup: It allows you to group the commands together and execute it as one operation

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