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I know AWS has flexible price and I have tried understanding it. I have a few requirements and I am not sure if I will be charged Can any one help here? Let me give you some information on my situation.

I wish store objects in S3 which I know is a storage service. Total usage size should be around a GB or more.

If I keep these object to one region (I mean their storage). Now if I create an application, will I be charged for Data transfer(IN/OUT) if I store and fetch these objects using my application (Mobile application). Please help…

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Let me give you a few pointers here:

  1. You will be CHARGED for I/O data transfer 
  2. You will be CHARGED even if it is transfer within buckets under the same account because it happens through the internet
  3. Use this tool beforehand to calculate the prices - AWS Simple Monthly Calculator
  4. Free tier is available in S3, so if you don't want to get charged, keep your requests within the below limit


If you are having doubts in S3, check out this end-to-end video on it:

Also, you go for this informative AWS S3 Tutorial Blog

If you want to learn more about AWS then go through AWS Training course for more.

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