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I am trying to get cell values of a particular column having a Column name which is not fixed after particular words. I need to loop through Datatable and get values from a column having a column name as something like 'Value @02/29/2019'. Here the Date is changing but I want to know whether we can have something like contains or 'Values%'.

I tried regex but no luck.

expected is like: - for each row (Test_DT) - assign row("Value%") to CellValue - end for

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I am attaching a screenshot of how to do it

enter image description here

inside your ' for each' column use an 'if' activity to check if col contains "Value @"col.ToString.contains("Value @")

Also, you will have to change type arguments of your for each activity otherwise you will get "Option String On Disallows Late Binding" error

enter image description here

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