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How long does it take to become a Data Scientist?

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Data Scientists are capable of extracting valuable information and interpreting data from a collection of data sources. They extract, manage, analyze, store and visualize data to gain business information using Data Science concepts. This, in turn, helps the business enterprise to make improved and informed business decisions that help in the growth of the company. It also helps in increasing business profit.

Intellipaat’s Data Science Course has 42 hours of Instructor-led training sessions that are distributed over the month on a regular basis. In addition, you can get access to self-paced videos of 28 hours that you can complete at your own pace. You will get access to these videos throughout your lifetime. Further, you will also work on assignments and projects for 52 distributed hours that will enhance your learning. After the course, you will receive an industry-recognized certificate. After the certification, you will be provided with job assistance that will help you become a successful Data Scientist.

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