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Could someone tell me how long it takes to learn Data Science?

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It's a subjective question whose answer varies with the individual. If you are following Data Science and are working in the technical domain then it is easier for you to advance to Data Science Roles. But if you are from the Non-technical domain, you can transition to Data Science Roles, but it will take time, and you will need proper content to rely on to learn from the basics to advanced levels. 

You also will need mentor support to guide you in fulfilling your objective. You will get all these in a nice package from Intellipaat which offers you a Data Science Master Course that offers tons of benefits to help you make your upskilling or transition smoother and enjoyable. Our instructors come with solid industry experience and are capable of mentoring you and make learning fun since it's not just about the skills you gain. 

Take a look at our customer review on the course from a learner named Srinivas, who transitioned his career from Investment Banking to Data Science. 

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