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First i have tried the below approach which doesn't work for me

First try:
Reference only followed for puppet agent:
sudo su
vi /etc/hosts
#Add IP and Alias in /etc/hosts
ping puppet
sudo rpm -ivh
yum install puppet -y (The reason i didn't used puppet-agent here because it was not able to find the package)
systemctl enable puppet
systemctl start puppet
But there is no luck but when i tried '-uvh' by watching intellipaat tutorial then it installed properly. Can any one tell me the difference between '-ivh' and '-uvh'.

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Reason: When you tried to use '-ivh' due to some reasons complete package is not installed properly.

Difference: Where -ivh will install the package but if there is any pre-installed or the package is not installed properly then you will face the issue.

But when we use '-uvh' then first this will uninstall the previous version and install the new version. So if there is any broken file then that will be removed and install again.

For more information check this puppet tutorial.

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