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Question 1:
I am very new to linux operating system. First of all i did not understand how did he login into the linux system. from where he launched the ssh console. is it something that we have to download if we have windows host machine?
Question 2:
however, i tried to login to machine using winscp putty console.
I created one ec2 instance and installed apache server and created index.html.
then I tried to browse the instance using public dns ip in google chrome, it says response timeout.
Kindly suggest me with a solution.

1 Answer

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Answer 1:

You can use any ssh software like putty or WinSCP. Yes, you will have to download this separately. Here is the putty download link for your reference.

Pro Tip:

A thumb of rule for all Linux OS on AWS is as follows:

Username will be "ubuntu" in the case of Ubuntu OS, it will be "ec2-user" for every other Linux OS on AWS.

Answer 2:

Please check your security groups, and check if port 80 is open. You will also have to check if apache2 is running on the server after installation.

You can run apache2 using the following command:

​sudo service httpd start

Hope this helps! For more information, refer to this AWS Tutorial

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