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when I try to login to AWS console with putty it sends error that "server refused our key" Steps Followed: 

1.launched EC2 instance 

2.Downloaded the key 

3.Converted the key using putty gen 

4.Open putty --added the converted key to auth path 

5.Copied public key and login with putty 

6.after entering user name it says "server refused our key" 

Any suggestion would be helpful. 

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Reason: This can occur when your key pair is not converted properly or used the wrong key pair. If you enter the username wrong then also this error will occur.

Solution: First, load the key pair then directly click on save private key and use that key in launching the instance.  Use the username according to the AMI.

Amazon Linux: ec2-user

Ubuntu: ubuntu

For more details, refer to this AWS Tutorial.

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