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I am having the factor has 2 levels that is A and B

data_set %>% 

    ggplot(aes(x = effort, y = rating, fill = factorAB)) + 

    geom_bar(position = "dodge", stat = "summary", fun.y = "mean") + 

    scale_fill_manual(name = "factorAB", values=c("darkgoldenrod2", "chartreuse4")) 

In the above code the Scale_fill_manual function assigns color to each factor, 1 color for A and 1 color for B, but I want to assign 4 different colors so that the effort 1 A is different from effort 2 A.

How can I achieve that?

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You have written the syntax correctly but to achieve your goal you have to change the fill aesthetic to an interaction:

 ggplot(aes(x = effort, y = rating, fill = interaction(factorAB,effort)))

+ ...

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