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The below is the character vector:

times <- c("2020-04-15T03:30:05.197Z", "2020-04-15T03:30:05.366Z", "2020-04-15T03:30:05.530Z")

I know that I need to convert it to a lubridate datetime object or a POSIXct object. The following does not work:


            format = "%Y-%m-%d%T%H:%M:%S")

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I think that the lubridate's ymd_hms should work in your case. Kindly refer to the following code:



#[1] "2020-04-15 03:30:05.197 UTC" "2020-04-15 03:30:05.366 UTC" 

#    "2020-04-15 03:30:05.529 UTC"

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