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I want to read some .png files all one by one, and want to concatenate the text generated from all the files. I am using the below code:

filenames <- list.files(path = "C:/Users/tmpxk9/Documents", pattern="*.png")

for (i in seq_along(filenames)) {

  xx <- magick::image_read("filenames[i]")

  xx %>%

    magick::image_resize("2000x") %>%

    magick::image_convert(type = 'Grayscale') %>%

    tesseract::ocr() %>%



It errors out with the following error:

Error in magick_image_readpath(enc2native(path), density, depth, strip) : 

  rsession.exe: UnableToOpenBlob `C:\Users\tmpxk9\Documents\filenames[i]': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2701

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What I understand from your code is that you are trying to retrieve the file names, but they are not including the folder in which they are stored in. In order to get the full paths with list.files(), you have to add the argument :

full.names = TRUE

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