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In line number 9 of python code, I am getting a syntax error for the below code:

import hashlib, sys

m = hashlib.md5()

hash = ""

hash_file = raw_input("What is the file name in which the hash resides?  ")

wordlist = raw_input("What is your wordlist?  (Enter the file name)  ")


    hashdocument = open(hash_file,"r")

except IOError:

    print "Invalid file."    # Syntax error: invalid syntax




    hash = hashdocument.readline()

    hash = hash.replace("\n","")

My version of Python is:

Python 3.2.2 (default, Sep  4 2011, 09:07:29) [MSC v.1500 64 bit (AMD64)] on win


1 Answer

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In Python 3 version print id considered as a function so it needs to be inside the parathesis as shown below:

print("Hello World")

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