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I am defining a pipeline in the data factory, I had some errors that I correct. The first activity is calling  USQL script to do some aggregation, I changed the script plenty of time but the error is still:

[{"errorId":"E_CSC_USER_SYNTAXERROR","severity":"Error","component":"CSC","source":"USER","message":"syntax error. Final statement did not end with a semicolon","details":"at token 'usql', line 4\r\nnear the ###:\r\n**************\r\nCLARE @lineitemsfile string = \"/datalakerepo/input/2016/01/01lineitems.txt\";\nDECLARE @ordersfile string = \"/datalakerepo/input/2016/01/01orders.txt\";\nsales.usql ### \n","description":"Invalid syntax found in the script.","resolution":"Correct the script syntax, using expected token(s) as a guide.","helpLink":"","filePath":"","lineNumber":4,"startOffset":228,"endOffset":232}].

seem like not all USQL script is read from the data factory, so I thought that maybe the "rerun in upstream in the pipeline" has something to do with this, like clear cache from the previous script.

Does anyone know what "rerun in upstream in the pipeline" does?

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  • Basically, “Rerun with upstream in the pipeline means” recalculating with all dependencies.

  • Let's discuss it with an example, if one has pipeline1 -> dataset1 -> pipeline2 and tries to rerun pipeline2 with dependencies, then both pipeline1 and pipeline2 will get executed. Within a single pipeline, it works with several chained activities.

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