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I have a U-SQL managed table that contains schematized structured data.

CREATE TABLE [AdlaDb].[dbo].[User]


    UserGuid Guid,

    Postcode string,

    Age int?

    DateOfBirth DateTime?,


And an Azure SQL Database table. 

CREATE TABLE [SqlDb].[dbo].[User]


    UserGuid    uniqueidentifier NOT NULL,

    Postcode    varchar(15) NULL,

    Age         int NULL,

    DateOfBirth Date NULL,


I would like to transfer data from U-SQL managed table to the Azure SQLDB table without losing the data types.

I'm using azure data factory, seems like I cannot

  1. directly query the U-SQL managed table as an input dataset for data factory
  2. do a federated write query to Azure SQLDB

Hence I'm having an intermediate step where I copy from U-SQL managed table to Azure Blob and then move to Azure SQLDB table. Doing this, I'm losing the data type and having to have type conversion/transformations later again before inserting.

Is there any better way to transfer data from U-SQL managed table to Azure SQL Database table without losing data type? Or am I missing something? 

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  • We can make use of Azure Data Factory to move the file into Azure SQL Database else we can export the U-SQL table into an intermediate format like CSV in data stores like Azure Data Lake or blob storage

  • We can directly write into a table from a U-SQL script that has a lot of challenges due to the fault-tolerance and scale-out processing in U-SQL. This makes atomic writing in parallel into a transacted store a bit more complex.

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