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Can anyone tell me how much time is needed to learn Python?

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It mainly depends on the practice. If you practice daily on the concepts, then it will take a maximum of 8 weeks to master Python programming. Following are the steps to get started with Python:

Step 1: First, learn Python basics that include variables, conditions, while loop, for loop, list, function, etc.

Step 2: After that, try to resolve 60+ Python coding puzzles

Step 3: then, learn about basic algorithms, data structures, and OOP concepts

Step 4: Try to generate three Python projects to implement the above theories

Step 5: Try to learn some Python libraries, namely, NumPy, Django, Pandas, and Matplotlib

Step 6: Now the last task, explore in GitHub for hosting, services, API, database, and IDE

If you are looking for an online course to learn Python, I recommend this Python Online Course program by Intellipaat.

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