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I am trying to spy a navigation button that drops a dropdown menu when hovers upon. I am having trouble highlighting what I have identified.

I ran IE's DOM explorer (F12) to identify the the HTML element. It is around the tags viewed on DOM explorer: html/body/div/form/div/div/table/tbody/tr/td/table/tbody/tr/td/a.

Currently I have these attributes:

  • Element Type: HTML Element
  • Class Name: MainMenu_1 (exact class name of the attribute, manually added)
  • Enabled: True (automatically generated)
  • Path: /HTML/BODY(1)/DIV(1)/FORM(1)/DIV(4)/DIV(1)/DIV(2)/TABLE(1)/TBODY(1)/TR(1)/TD(1)/TABLE(1)/TBODY(1)/TR(1)/TD(1)/A(1) (automatically generated)
  • Tag Name: A (automatically generated)
  • Parent URL: the website I am connected to (automatically generated)

Are my attributes correctly done? Do I have to add more? What else do I need to do?

The available attributes are:

Tag Name, Path, Enabled, X, Y, Width, Value, Title, Screen Bounds, Parent URL, Match Reverse, Match Index, LinkInput TypeInput Identifier​​​​​​​, ID​​​​​​​, Height​​​​​​​, Class Name​​​​​​​Checked

, Ancestor Count

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You can solve this issue in the following way

 use: Application Modeler >> Identify >> Open Application Navigator. The tool identified and listed every single HTML element from the website where you can choose the appropriate element.

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